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The Manual is divided into three parts. Part I contains the general aspects of Parasitology which includes methods of collection of parasites from different niche in vertebrate and invertebrate hosts, their fixation, preservation, staining, methods of observation, microscopic measurements, and some special techniques for some special types of parasites. Part II is primarily outlined for identification up to generic level of the parasites belonging to protozoans, monogeneans, digeneans, cestodes, nematodes, acanthocephalans, crustaceans, arachnids, fleas, flies, lice, blood sucking insects, mosquitoes, disease carrying flies, and myiasis producing flies, following the well-accepted classification plan. Part III covers some of the basic methods necessary for practical classes in immunoparasitology with cell mediated and humoral immune responses, cells of immune response of the body and some indispensible and requisite immunological techniques. The manual is a guide to the laboratory procedures within the curriculum and in the research laboratory.

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