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The book contains a chapter on Exfoliative Cytology with special reference to specialised stains, like PAP stain and the secret of success in accomplishment of Methyl green and Pyronin stain plus Unna-Papenheim stain. Most of the diagrams of histological, haematological biochemical and museum specimens are coloured with detailed histories of patients and the total number of diagrams is 193 in this book of 320 pages. In chapter 12 (Hematology) topics on blood collection and examinations have been discussed with incorporation of 23 blood charts with histories of the patients. Chapter on Chemical Pathology includes various ways and the basic methods of chemical and biochemicals test including a number of parameters (non-enzymic, enzymic and others). The book is designed for the undergraduate and postgraduate medical students, and advanced level learners of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pathology. It will also cater to the needs of the laboratory assistants working in pathological laboratories.

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