NCBA Background

Since its inception in 1921 NCBA has been serving the students with hundreds of outstanding publications in different streams of Science, Humanities, Commerce, Engineering, and Medical. The Company initially imported and distributed foreign books of high circulation for Indian market. At the same time, the firm, simultaneously operating from Dhaka and Kolkata of the then undivided Bengal, took the market by storm and left an indelible impression in the domain of school level textbooks.

Vision & Mission

It has been constant endeavour of team NCBA to build up foreign tie-ups with UK, US, and Australia based publishers for the best interest of the GeNext Readership. Considering the whole gamut of experience and credibility of NCBA, a few of the foreign publishers have given reprint rights for some of their formidable bestsellers to NCBA and some others are about to do so in course of discussions on negotiation table. NCBA is firm on its responsibility and commitment towards the future generation; and in the coming years it is determined to fulfil the academic requirements with the application of TQM at different levels of publishing.

Present Status

As a figure of distinction, NCBA has now become a leading publishing house in India with its Registered Office in Kolkata, Export Office in New Delhi, Overseas Office in London, and Branch Offices in New Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Ernakulam, Bhubaneswar, and Guwahati; and it is one of the leading vertically integrated corporate identities of the country in the field of advanced level texts for the undergraduate and the postgraduate students with its own state-of-the-art typesetting units, sprawling workstation with the latest multi-colour web machines, and the automated binding infrastructure coupled with the fastest growing marketing network throughout the Afro-Asian countries and beyond. Of late NCBA has been exporting books in bulk to about sixteen countries of different continents of the world. Naturally, diversification, modernisation, and international collaboration are receiving top priorities in the recent years. Thus what once started as a lone trailblazer, is now firmly placed on the transcontinental trajectory of growth.

Venture into Publishing

It was indeed a critical juncture. And Indian book trade was desperately in search of an idiom of its own to establish its identity in the Asian market. Back then, Kolkata was the citadel of Indian publishing and naturally the market-leaders of the book-world of Bengal was trying hard to look beyond the well-delineated boundary of business, somewhat forcefully inflicted by the colonial centres of the western publishing outfits. During those days, late forties of the last century to be more specific, when Indian publishing was merely at its infancy and when the Indian book market, particularly one of the medical books, had to rest on the laurels of imported books as its sole survival strategy, NCBA successfully ventured into and initiated the publication of cutting-edge texts for the advanced level students in Biochemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, and Surgery. It was no mean achievement for the publisher of a newly liberated nation.

Corporate Partners

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